Have a problem with the computer or unable to boot the BIOS? There are more chances to be the cause of virus or malware issues. No worry we are glad to serve our service with good experts, we deal with Laptop BIOS Repair Service in Dubai. We have certified experts who professionally treat all devices. You might be able to diagnose corrupted BIOS by changing the motherboard battery it depends on the damage. Our technicians understand the problem at the root then start to deal with the problem without harming your device.

Here are some issues to repair corrupted BIOS firmware:

Laptop BIOS Repair• Boot from the backup BIOS
• Reset the BIOS
• Update the BIOS
• Replace the BIOS
• Change the motherboard
• Power off your computer
• Then power on your computer
• When you remove the chord make sure your computer receives no power.
• Wait for 5 to 10 minutes.
• Put the battery back in

BIOS can be corrupted due to many reasons but if the BIOS got damaged the chances are more, the motherboard will no longer be able to work.

What should we do if BIOS stop to work

• Power off your computer
• Restart your computer
• Access the BIOS setup
• Remove the battery from the motherboard
• Put the battery in
• Refresh your computer.

We also deal with some other issues:

• Broken or shattered screen
• Color or dead pixel issues
• Issues with brightness or fuzzy color lines on the portal display, horizontal lines, and glaring screen protectors.

For a few minutes, the screen goes black, turns grey, or dies.

• A dark screen appears with only the pointer moving.

• You’ve been stuck with a grey screen for a few minutes.

• Issues with a slow start-up and a non-moving screen

• Issues with touch screens

• The presence of vertical lines

• Issues with displaying

• Issues with the screen flickering, glitching, or crashing

• The external monitor isn’t bright enough or isn’t working.

• The possibility of a blue screen with lines showing

• There are a lot of dots on the screen.

• Taking off the obnoxious coat

• Problems with the stain gate

Our quality service

• Pickup and delivery are both free.
• Instant Evaluation & Estimation
• Service on the Same Day
• 90 Days Warranty for Repair

We have years of experience in this field. We are providing you quality service; our service is long-lasting additionally, we offer pickup and drop delivery services for all customers to save their precious time.  We will dispatch your device to your place without creating any disturbance. Also, we do Motherboard repair, screen repair, camera repair etc.