There can be more reasons for your laptop is not working. A laptop has a DVD drive which may have several faults like a DVD tray problem, DVD drive coming out, or making unwanted noise on average laptops, usually, low-quality DVD drives are offered. Well, within a few years of use, it stops working. Here we are providing you services that deal to heal your problem: We fix & provide a 100% guarantee. We admit a specialization fixing the laptop. Our expertise counts by our work. We hired a dedicated team of professionals with 24×7 service provided to you anywhere in Dubai. Contact us for getting our service with free delivery services.

The battery turns down or can’t able to hold a charge
The device is too slow and finding difficult to work with
Unusual sounds
Overheat of the system
Taking a longer time to reboot
Screen showing vertical and horizontal lines
Broken screen
Blackish screen
LCD screen issues
Hard disk repair problems
RAM replacement

Reason for not working DVD

Software problem: If your software has a problem related to software issue it creates some irritable noise it can be fixed up easily we hired an expert technician to deal quickly with the problem.

Mechanical problem: This issue can occur due to dust and moisture however it can lead to a serious issue that can’t be dealt with in the home we will fix your problem at your doorstep.

DVD drive mode issue: If you use any dirty scratched damaged disc etc. it’s not a major issue but it needs to be checked once by the professionals.

We work for:

Motherboard repair service
Laptop screen repair
Laptop battery repair
Laptop hard disk repair &replace
Laptop camera repair
Laptop DVD repair
Laptop Processor repair & replacement
Laptop keyboard repair
Laptop overheating repair
RAM Upgrade & Replacement

Other services provided by us:
Sound display settings
Heating problems
Swelling of the Battery
Memory effect on Component
Wireless and Peripherals issues
Unable to Boot up
Auto-starting issues

We provide 24×7 hours of work a day and also our technicians are available online to provide suggestions 24×7. Our laptop expert technicians will be there at your doorsteps to pick up your laptop and deliver it back, once the issue is resolved.

We provide 100% original and guaranteed service without having trouble with your laptop.
Pickup and delivery are both free.
Instant Evaluation & Estimation
Service on the Same Day
90 Days Warranty for Repair