Do you able to turn on your laptop if your laptop power button is destroyed? then no need to be panic we appreciate your instant call. Although the method might be a little bit complex if you don’t have proper knowledge of laptops.
Before starting the treatment of your laptop first we try to look into the issue what the actual problem it is why your dell, Acer, Lenovo, Sony, the apple laptop is not working then we will go towards solving your laptop power button repair problem.

The reason why the laptop power button is not working?
Broken power button: If your button is faultily broken due to unfortunately these are the fault that we don’t expect.
Battery low: Sometimes there is might be a reason that your power button does not respond due to a low battery.
Loose cable: There is an issue when the wire is connected from your power button to your motherboard is disconnected.
Temporary error: There is a most common issue that people are very rarely aware of this. This kind of temporary error is easy to fix.

How to fix laptop power button is not working:

Unplug your charger from your laptop
Remove or disconnect your laptop battery
Remove CMOS battery
Insert your laptop connect the battery
Press your power button to turn your laptop.

There are the chances to turn on the laptop without a power button
Boot through BIOS Repair: Mostly it does not work all the time but there is no harmful effect in trying.
There are some instructions which your need to look carefully to protect your device.
Turn off your laptop
Unplug everything connected with laptop or USB
Hold your button for 40 seconds.

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