Laptop Screen Repair & Replacement Dubai, UAE

Are you working with the broken screen and having trouble during work? Struck with a broken screen is very irritating. Here we are providing you with the best laptop screen repair & replacement service center in Dubai we tackle the problem here, We replace and repair the screen within the same day. Our service remains quality and satisfying service we use original parts during repair. Our customer trust is more important for us. Our technicians are experts in this field and working in this field for the past many years who can solve your problem at a specific time we value your time.


We Deal With

laptop Cracked screen

Laptop Cracked Screen

Laptop Broken screen

Laptop Broken Screen

Laptop Black Blue Screen

Laptop Black/Blue Screen


Laptop Blur Screen

Dead pixels

Dead Pixels on Laptop Screen

Lines on screen

Laptop Black/Blue Screen

Some Common issues of Laptop Screen Repair :

Blurry screen:  Our technicians have sufficient experience if you are facing the issue with a blurry screen or lines in your screen no need to worry longer we solve your issue within the same day all you need to do is to fix the service right now.

Cracked screen:   Having a broken screen is a big task it needs to be repaired if you are finding the best screen repair service center no need to wait longer. We know damage can happen to any electronic device we can count as a major problem, we are here to solve your problem our customer satisfaction is the priority for us. We have many screen repair centers that can fix your broken screen of any type of gadget within a specific time. We provide quality service at an affordable price.

We Deal with the Following Services:

  • Broken or shattered screen
  •  Color or dead pixel issues
  •  Brightness or fuzzy color lines issues
  •  Portal display issues, horizontal lines, glass glaring screen protector problems
  •  Screen going black intermittently or turning grey or death for a few minutes
  •  Appearing of a black screen with just cursor moving
  • Stuck for a few minutes with a grey screen
  •  Problems with long starting up with screen not moving touch screen problems
  •  Having vertical lines
  •  Display problems
  •  Corner black and grey issues
  •  Screen flickering issues, glitch or crashing of the screen
  • External display not providing enough light or not working
  •  Possibility of appearing blue screen with lines
  •  Appearing of a black screen with no chime
  • Several dots on the screen

Our Experts also help with the below issues:

  • Sound display settings
  •  Heating problems
  •  Swelling of the Battery
  •  Memory effect on Component
  • Wireless and Peripherals issues
  •  Loss of Capacity due to regular use
  •  Unable to Boot up
  •  The battery does not hold a charge
  •  Auto-starting issues

We can also handle all these issues:

  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Laptop keyboard replacement
  • Laptop hard drive replacement
  • Laptop body parts replacement
  • Laptop motherboard replacement
  • Laptop battery replacement
  • Upgrade the RAM in the laptop
  • Cleaning the dust on the laptop
  • Installing software in a laptop

Avail World-Class Laptop Repair Services

The professional and experienced staff rendered instant remedy for the screen problems for any kind of model or device. We have an expert technician who consists a work of over a decade we provide you 24×7 quality services. All you need to do is to give us a call and we will be there at your doorsteps. Contact us or leave your query you just one call away our technicians will reach your office or home immediately. Our service always remains quality service, no need to wait longer we will solve your issue from the root.