We are one of the best logic board repair services in Dubai, UAE here we provide you same-day service at your doorstep. Any type of damage to your laptop or MacBook we appreciate with our service. Our service is long-lasting.
Our team is highly experienced and provides the best service within such a short period. You don’t have to wait such a long time.

We strive to keep every customer’s repair solution affordable, and we recognize that your laptop/device is one of the most critical tools you own, capable of storing sensitive data. This is why we utilize only original and high-quality components in our repairs, which are fitted by certified specialists.

  • Affordable price
  • 24×7 service
  • Quality service
  • 100% guarantee
  • Free pick up delivery

We are the best repair service provider because of our high-tech driven mechanism for locating root problems on the motherboard and altering/rectifying all levels of component IC, SMC, NVidia, Processors, and other chips on the laptop’s motherboard, which is entirely managed by computerized machines. At the component level, advanced BGA machines are employed to guarantee the highest quality repairs are made.

We work for:

  • Motherboard repair service
  • Laptop screen repair
  • Laptop battery repair
  • Laptop hard disk repair& replace
  • Laptop camera repair
  • Laptop DVD repair
  • Laptop Processor repair & replacement
  • Laptop keyboard repair
  • Laptop overheating repair
  • Upgrade RAM Upgrade& Replacement

Here we work with some models:

  • Dell laptop processor repair &replace
  • Acer laptop processor repaired & replaced
  • MSI laptop processor repair &replace
  • Sony laptop processor repaired&replaced
  • Asus laptop processor repaired& replaced
  • Apple laptop processor repair &replace
  • HP laptop processor repair & replace

Need help get support with us:

No need to get worried longer we are very near you and instantly appreciate your call our service is 24×7. We understand how precious your time is our purpose doesn’t need to entertain our customers we focus on our work our experts try to get the issue to the root and mend your issue on the same day.